Aviation Insurance

Aircraft Hull & Liability

What is Aircraft Hull & Liability Insurance?

Similar to comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, aircraft hull & liability insurance is comprehensive insurance for your aeroplane.

What does Aircraft Hull & Liability Insurance cover?

The core component on this policy is designed to protect you from accidental loss or damage to your aircraft or third party property, whether your aircraft is stationary, taxiing or in flight.

An additional component to this policy is passenger liability insurance, which provides you protection against a claim by your passenger(s) caused by your negligence (i.e. accident).

Aircraft Hull & Liability Insurance example

You’ve just flown a couple of hours from your home airport to a regional airport for a social gathering and upon landing your aircraft strikes a bird, significantly damaging your windscreen. An engineer at the regional airport determines that you won’t be able to return to the skies until the windscreen is replaced.

In this instance, your insurance policy has covered the cost of repairs as well as hangar holding costs.