Aviation Insurance

Airstrip Operators Liability

What is Airstrip Operators Liability Insurance?

If you own and/or operate an airstrip, this insurance policy is designed to protect you from third party claims caused by your negligence.

What does Airstrip Operators Liability Insurance cover?

Airstrip operators liability insurance covers you for costs associated with third party aircraft damage, caused by your negligence such as poor airstrip property maintenance.

Airstrip Operators Liability Insurance example

You operate a small tarmac airstrip and a spoon-drain parallel to the runway is in need of excavation. It’s something you’ve been meaning to do but simply haven’t had the time to date.

A recent storm has swept through the area causing the spoon drain to overflow and flood a portion of the runway. Unable to see the flooding from the sky, a guest has landed on your airstrip and aquaplaned on the flooded portion of your runway, skidding off the runway and onto the muddy grass section adjacent to the airstrip.

Their plane suffers landing gear damage and is stranded in the mud. It takes a crane to carefully extricate the aircraft for repairs. Your airstrip operators’ liability insurance policy has covered the cost of the crane hire and aircraft repairs.