Aviation Insurance

Aviation Business

What is Aviation Business Insurance?

If you operate a business in the aviation industry, such as a flight school, aircraft maintenance facility or provide general airport services, it’s important you obtain a robust insurance policy with an appropriate level of cover, as a single mistake could result in a costly claim against your aviation related business.

What does Aviation Business Insurance cover?

This policy not only covers a negligent act caused by your business, but can be tailored to provide coverage for your stock, contents and records. This policy also provides coverage for goods in your physical and legal control, such as aircraft you are maintaining.

Aviation Business Insurance example

Your customers aircraft is on its maiden flight after your company conducted a recent engine and fuel control systems overhaul. Shortly after take-off, the aircraft was forced into an emergency landing damaging the aircraft undercarriage.

After an investigation, it was determined the root cause of the accident was caused by faulty workmanship during the refurbishment process. Your aviation business insurance policy has your legal costs and claim lodged against your business covered in this instance.