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Hangar Owners Insurance

What is Hangar Owners Insurance?

Hangar owners insurance, otherwise known as hangar keepers insurance is a liability policy protecting you from third party claims lodged against you for incidents and accidents that have occurred on your property, as a result of your negligence.

What does Hangar Owners Insurance cover?

Hangar owners insurance is a third party insurance policy protecting individuals from loss who utilise your hangar or property for the storage of their aircraft.

Hangar Owners Insurance example

You own a large hangar on your own land adjacent to a rural airstrip, you haven’t resurfaced the taxiway on your land for some time and potholes are starting to appear.

A new tenant to one of your hangars has arrived after a short-flight and accidentally struck one of the potholes on your taxiway, causing the propeller to strike the ground.

Your hangar owners insurance has you covered for the repair of the third party owner’s aircraft.