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Glass & Emergency Repairs

What is Glass and Emergency Repair Insurance?

Glass and Emergency Repair insurance is the urgent repairs of your shopfront, or office windows and doors in the event of an accident or malicious damage.

What does Glass and Emergency Repair Insurance cover?

Glass and Emergency Repair covers items such as your shopfront glazing and signage, but also covers the temporary repair work, such as shutters and hoardings, it may include the cost of cleaning, security guards, replacement of damaged stock and equipment or building damage such as flooring, brickwork, plastering and painting.

Glass and Emergency Repair Example

A vehicle has lost control on the road directly in front of your business premises. The vehicle mounted the curb and collided with your shop front, thankfully your business was closed at the time and no one was injured!

Your shopfront glass has been broken, display shelving was knocked over and the corner of your shop building damaged.

Your Glass & Emergency Repair insurance policy has covered you for the cost of the temporary repairs, including the propping of your shopfront and hoardings. Further to this your glass shopfront window is covered as well as the building damage caused. You have also been reimbursed for the cost of the replacement display shelving which was knocked over in the incident.