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Farm Interruption

Farm Interruption

Farm Interruption

What is Farm Interruption Insurance?

Farm interruption insurance is the protection of your farms revenue, which may have been negatively impacted by a loss and subsequent insurance claim.

What does Farm Interruption Insurance cover?

There are many components to farm interruption insurance, coverage may include common farm expenses such as wages, rent, loan repayments and leases, or the coverage may include the cost of temporary arrangements to keep your farm operational as a result of a claim, to the limit of your policy.

Farm Interruption Insurance Example

A recent grass fire has swept through the region causing significant damage to your cattle farm property, thankfully your cattle have survived but the fire damage to the property has resulted in insufficient feed for the foreseeable future.

Farm interruption insurance provides you, the cattle farmer the necessary financial support to procure additional hay, or even the cost of potentially relocating the cattle to an alternative location until your property has recovered.