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Personal Accident

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance is designed to ensure you receive an income whilst you are off work as a result of an injury at the workplace or at home.

What does Personal Accident Insurance cover?

If you have been injured on the job or at home, permanent or otherwise and you are unable to work, personal accident insurance provides you with coverage for an agreed percentage of your income for an agreed period of time.

Benton Insurance Services tailors personal accident insurance to suit your personal objectives and needs, so make sure you speak with us to ensure you get the appropriate level of cover required.

Personal Accident Insurance Example

You’re a sole trading roof contractor, work is steady but your savings are limited. Furthermore you are the main income generator for your wonderful family, which includes your wife and two children.

You were climbing a ladder and slipped, falling to the ground- breaking your leg. You’ve been told to stay off work for at-least 8 weeks, as you need time for your leg to heal.

Your personal accident insurance policy provides you with the peace of mind knowing you will still receive an income, put food on the table and pay your bills until you have recovered and returned to work.