Aviation Insurance

If you own an aircraft, hangar, airfield or aviation business, then you already know how important it is to have an appropriate insurance policy in place to protect you from the unexpected.

As keen aviators, we utilise our industry insight to help design cost effective customised insurance aviation packages to cover you and your aircraft, hangar, airstrip or aviation business.

Over the last decade, Benton Insurance Services has built up solid relationships within the aviation industry. We know the right people in order to achieve the best possible outcome, which means we can also cater for those in a unique situation, including aviation insurance for those who simply want coverage for a one off event or activity.

To complement our tailor made aviation insurance packages, our ongoing support and claims management process ensures your return to the sky as quickly as possible.

Make life easy for yourself and talk to someone in the industry who knows a thing or two about aviation. Contact Benton Insurance Services today to see what improvements a tailor made aviation insurance package can offer you.

Hangar Owners

Hangar owners insurance, otherwise known as hangar keepers insurance is a liability policy protecting you from third party claims lodged against you for incidents and accidents that have occurred on your property, as a result of your negligence.

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Aircraft Hull & Liability

Similar to comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, aircraft hull & liability insurance is comprehensive insurance for your aeroplane.

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Aviation Business

If you operate a business in the aviation industry, such as a flight school, aircraft maintenance facility or provide general airport services, it’s important you obtain a robust insurance policy with an appropriate level of cover, as a single mistake could result in a costly claim against your aviation related business.

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Airstrip Operators Liability

If you own and/or operate an airstrip, this insurance policy is designed to protect you from third party claims caused by your negligence.

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