Trades Insurance

Does your work involve working from a construction site or servicing onsite commercial or residential clients? Benton Insurance Services provides tailor made trades insurance packages which are designed to give you and your loved ones peace of mind, should the unthinkable happen.

We provide tailored trades insurance packages to protect your tools, vehicles and equipment from fire or theft, we can protect you from poor advice you may have provided during the course of your working day, and we can also cover your legal liability should you be found responsible for causing personal injury to or damaging the property of a third party.

To complement our tailor made trades insurance packages, our ongoing support and claims management process ensures you can return to your tools as quickly as possible.

Avoid purchasing a mainstream insurance product which may leave you and your business exposed – talk to Benton Insurance Services today to see how a tailored insurance product makes good business sense.

Tools of Trade

Tools of Trade insurance is the cover of accidental damage or loss of your hand tools and portable equipment, caused by theft from forcible entry into toolboxes and trailers.

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Motor Vehicle

For most tradespeople, their vehicle is one of their most important assets. It needs to be reliable, suitable to their needs and safe in all conditions. Equally important is obtaining a quality insurance policy for your motor vehicle.

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Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance is a policy designed to protect you and your business from claims made against you for loss, including compensation you are forced to pay as a result of your negligence. It may have been a claim for an accident you have caused, but could also extend to misleading advertising or even copyright infringement.

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Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection against claims for losses which have occurred to a third party as a direct result of bad professional advice provided by your business.

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Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance is designed to ensure you receive an income whilst you are off work as a result of an injury at the workplace or at home.

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Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance is commonly required in government and corporate sector funded projects. It’s primarily a policy to cover in-progress construction works you are involved in from loss or damage but can also be extended to include many other project variables, such as project delays or material inflationary increases.

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